We are small but we are strong
As small as an ant but unity can moves mountians. This is a principle that we practice in AC Creations Media (M) Sdn Bhd. We keep our scale small to minimize overhead costing to pass that benifit to our partnering advertising Agencies and Clients but we have the ability to unite "best industry players" to moves mountians and delivering the best quality in the work that we produce. Our client database speaks for us a young and dynamic production house. We gain much reputation through the years by delivering the best in our profession to clients such as TOYOTA, AEON/JUSCO, HYUNDAI, FRONTERRA, COLGATE PALMOLIVE..ect and Industry's well kwown Advertising Agencies such as HAKUHODO, M&C SAATCHI, ARACHNID, BUCHANAN GROUP ect. This also the reason why advertsing agencies and clients choose us to work with them on every major film productions, video shooting, TV Media/Advertisng design as we keep the team in just a sufficient amount of people so that we work closely with each other,, cut down many red tapes and misscommunication in the work process, moves quick and efficient and deliver as per request
"Just like these ANTS"