Malaysia, a place which is rich in its culture diversity and also the nature resources. Therefor, AC Creations Media (M) Sdn Bhd, took this opportunity to help film makers out of Malaysia to take their film to another level. For the past 6 years we have been producing and finishing various budget and types of TV Commercial and Feture Films and Movie. From local prodcutions to overseas productions support. We have a strong players and database here who have been supporting productions that came out of Malaysia. From location scouting & permission , talent casting, D.O.P, production crews, assistant film director, art department, makeup artist, wardrobe artist, film and video equipment, lightings, logistics ect... We are also well equiped with conference system that we can communicate with overseas production houses and advertising agency or clients to arrnage things a head. For that, we will have it all well planned and arranged for you. All you then have to to is just travel here to be on set for the shoot.