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Greatest Nature Video Photography with our Timelapse Technique

02 Jun

Recently we AC and Ang/Lucas put off work and went for a vacation after some heavy duty production for some multinational corporate. We make our journey back to gem island in Terengganu. A state up northeast of peninsular Malaysia. Having the thoughts and mood to relax and set work a side in a quiet and clear water island, we end out couldn’t resist to pick up our camera to produce another video. The nature and environment is just too irresistible. But this time we didn’t want to make another same old travel videolog. We found another way to portray our vacation. Its by Photographing… But its making photographs into a video. As the theory of 25 frames per seconds makes 1 seconds of video, we shot more than 5000 images to make this “Greatest” nature video. Suppose we are sleeping and relaxing ourselves in the calm resort, but in the end we spent our time up to late night to capture “stary nights” sun rise and by as people enjoying by the beach playing beach volley ball and swimming, we are setting up our cameras to catch the sun set. Again its the passion of cinematography in us that never want to allow a single beautiful moment just disappear.

Out technique of photographing are named timelapse photography. We capture a series of images to make it into a video later then in post production using various conversion and editing software. As the name goes, “timelapse’ is capturing object, environment changing habits as time flows. We shot more than 5,000 images spent more than 30 hours of photography time to achieve this video.

AC, Lucas  and team hope you will enjoy the nature of this Island from our camera lens.

For images of the vacation, visit AC’s facebook page


“AC’s Talk About” in Sungkai Hot Spring, Perak, Malaysia

17 Feb

it was a off day for us but the passion for making films didn’t went off. We planned to go on to a 1 day road trip and Sungkai we went. The day was just awesome as we laugh, play and make our video about this place. We started moving from KL about 5am target to reach there around 7am. As we know this place is a hot spring, if we ever dip our selves in the hot spring during noon hours where the sun is right on top of us, imagine how thats going feel.

Sungkai is a hotspring from natural resources located in Perak state Malaysia. Driving distance is estimated about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. This place is very much develop now as they have resorts here for the convenience of tourist. It is a fun place to hang out during free times and holidays to relax and release stress.  Below is a video that we have produce from this trip, Enjoy


AC’s Talk About – Gem Island Tour Guide

17 Feb

Intentionally we was going to gem island for a leisure and relaxing trip. Being in the media industry can be very stressful and this island is a place to get away from all stress and enjoy ourselves. Also we are there is because of invitation for star gazing and photography activity. When we arrive there, even before we move from KL to this Island, we have not really heard about this Island. This place is not a great commercialized resorts like Pulau Redang or Perhentian. It is a Small Island but well protected and only small scaled of accommodation available. \

When we arrive here, we thought that this place is really great, especially the sky at night. Its the best stary night sky I’ve ever seen in my life. It is impossible to see so much stars in the town I live in. Therefor, We made this video to introduce this whole island. The Island is opposite Pulau Kapas, only can accommodate about 90-100 people  only. A very well kept beach and island. People who love nature, sand, beach and water, should come here and relax.

This tourism like video idea just struck us as we felt that good things are meant to be shared. As not many know about this place. We use a video steady cam to mount a Canon 550D and start shooting. All footages are all shot in full HD quality and the entire visual quality is really awesome. Besides, we also capture some photograph to incorporate into the video. The Star timelapse you see in the video is made out of 500 over SLR images

Below is the introduction video to this entire island.