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BOH TVC with Local Artist Jehan Miskin, Belinda Chee and Owen yap

05 Sep

AC Creations Media recently finished a BOH Teh Tarik Kurang Manis TV Commercial appointed by BG Advertising Malaysia. Zoot review is a TV commercial platform design by Buchanan Group worldwide, By appointing local celebrity by providing real opinion about the products. This time we shot Jehan Miskin, Belinda Chee and Owen Yap. This 2 Malay and Chinese Language TV Commercial produced by AC Creations Media Executive Producer Lucas Ang, and Directed by Film Director Andy Chan. We shot this commercial by getting the most genuine comments about the product from these celebrity after these celebrity has been using the products for a period time.
The below are the 2 tv commercial in BM and Chinese language


A Festive Short Movie Produce

18 Jan

It has been a while since we last shot a “movie”, Some story telling video/film. Since AC Creations was on the track catching with many big brands TV and Cinema Commercial and Corporation corporate videos, we had lesser and lesser time to produce a story driven film that can be use as a “viral” on the internet. Thanks to Edsyn Malaysia, the company behind that holds the young lubricant brand “Engine Up”, giving us an opportunity to make advertising in a much different way.Just like how  The legendary Yasmin Ahmad use to do, Making festive commercials more memorable in delivering more human driven content. Unlike some other corporations in the similar line, Edsyn puts effort in doing business in a different way. Therefor, the way they approaches media is also very unique and special.
This short film that we recently produce and directed is about Chinese New Year. 3 sisters that have never forget their culture as chinese although they seems like an urban living people that dies for their job and not looking at any thing else at the establishing scenes of them. It also portray a hidden story about how people in the modern era take every things for granted. They take parents, love ones, friends and many things around them for granted. For at the end of the story, its just a simple message pass to the audience about “treasure and Cherish” things and people around you before its too late.
It took us less than 24 hours to shoot and less than 2 days to edit, color grade, final finish and upload. It was a tough production challenge but we make it through. Thanks to AC Creations Creative and Behind the scene team.


Chinese New Year Funny Short comedy Drama By AC Creations Media

17 Feb

Just finished the Chinese New Year Comedy Drama . Just in time to post before chinese new year this drama can be shared. We brain storm for a day, and make the production happen in only 5 hours from 8pm till 1am. Tremendous Speed that i need to compliment all my team members that involve in the pre production process, Shoot and need to ACT as well, you guys are just fantastic…

The story line of a Guy, Ang and friends mistaken AC as the God of Prosperity that came to his house during the eve of chinese new year where most of the chinese will have a worship ceremony to welcome the prosperity God. Really dramatic shots and pacing…. Watch it, Enjoy it and Laugh it out loud.

AC Creations wishes every one a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year, A great year a head, best of health and Gong Xi Fa Cai


Leaping A Step Ahead to try on Music Video Production

17 Feb

The idea of making music productions materials came when we all thought that there is a market out there for viewers. Viewers tend to watch music materials and share them very much often on social network sites i.e Facebook, myspace ect. We are lucky enough to have a singer/songwriter with us. So we venture into artist development and start to brand this artist that we have. Tommy T.Y. Chan. He is a singer, songwriter, music teacher and a guitarist. Instead of having his songs written and store it into a hard drive, we just thought of why not share the talent to the world.

Coincidence that he had wrote a Christmas song quite some time ago. And 2010 Christmas is just around the corner. So we made the decision to brand that particular song with a music video. As we all know, Music Video is a strong marketing tools for singer/musician. So we make sure we make it good.

We only use 2 days to shoot this Video. But it was a quality 2 days. With proper planning and creative thoughts on the shots arrangements and mood of the entire video. We pay close attention to details to make sure the mood and tone of the video matches the lyrics and rhythm. On Friday Night 18/12/2010, it was raining heavily and we only manage to start shooting at 11pm and we finally finish shooting at 2am, just for the few outdoor night lonely scene.

The Final video was completed today after 2 days of post production that involve editing pace, color grading and some minor visual effects (VFX). In the same time as we launch this video and song, we also made up a website for Tommy as an Artist Branding and his song could be downloaded at our web link at

Enjoy the Music TV, and AC Creations Wishing every one Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


“AC’s Talk About” in Sungkai Hot Spring, Perak, Malaysia

17 Feb

it was a off day for us but the passion for making films didn’t went off. We planned to go on to a 1 day road trip and Sungkai we went. The day was just awesome as we laugh, play and make our video about this place. We started moving from KL about 5am target to reach there around 7am. As we know this place is a hot spring, if we ever dip our selves in the hot spring during noon hours where the sun is right on top of us, imagine how thats going feel.

Sungkai is a hotspring from natural resources located in Perak state Malaysia. Driving distance is estimated about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. This place is very much develop now as they have resorts here for the convenience of tourist. It is a fun place to hang out during free times and holidays to relax and release stress.  Below is a video that we have produce from this trip, Enjoy


Celebrating The Success Of The Short Film “MoMent” Ip Man 2 parody

17 Feb

A short film that we recently did get great response from social networkers. Great sharring on facebook and also youtube making our film and the character, master Mo Ment an iconic name for people who have watched it. This film can reach out to so many people and get their appreciation is not because of a single person’s work. Its a team work which is extremely precious. Without them, this film would not reach out so fast. The power of networking has impressed our sponsors and they are really really happy with the performance of this short film as they started business not long ago but today, after this film it out, IT WAS RECOGNIZED in MALAYSIAJOKES.COM. We are really proud of that as our experimental is proven to be shared by many and for the sponsor’s side, they also belief that new concept of branding works. Therefor they also encourage more corporate to do such concept as it is in high entertainment value and Social Networkers will share it for the sake of entertaining their friends and family. AC Creations being the first in our country doing such idea which combining drama and branding + social networking . We will continue to produce more entertaining films and we also hope through of social networking we will get more sponsors to make film and get branding for them self. AC Creations is looking forward in making Long Format/Feature Length Film and get it to the Cinema if we have come to a stage of great financial sponsors and also experience in film making. We hope that more corporate bodies would be willing to sponsor and support local made movies and improve this industry and in the same time build their brands making a win win situation. Below is a small celebration after the success of Our very Own Ip Man 2 Parody – MoMent


The Released of Final Ip Man 2 Parody Film Is out (Mo Ment)

17 Feb

after weeks of promoting the trailer. We released the full 3 mins length film. This particular film is an experimental film making. We are lucky that we got sponsors to support such works. To our point of view and even our recent sponsor, I Skin Solution, mention that more corporate should not look down on web networking. Besides just paying for advertisements to create brand awareness, They should also do some thing that could benefit people. For example entertaining people. This concept of Short Film + Branding creates more awareness as people are more interested to watched it because they are entertaining. Just like “Mo Ment 2? we give it a twist towards the end and make it hilarious that any one who watch this video will remember the brand I Skin Solution. Film making industry can be categorized in many, TV Advertisement, Drama, Long Format Film, ect. Branding in film making is called TV commercials.  One of the most costly branding way and people may switch to another channel when advertisement comes. Thats a Fact. Less expensive and higher exposure branding is through Internet media. Plus having entertainment value, people will sure watch. With today’s technology. Web branding must not be place in the back seat. Making fun and entertaining films can draw alot of public interest.
And AC Creations will further venture into more experimental and entertainment Short films and looking forward for more sponsors to sponsor us and get a branding for them selves or their corporate brands. Any one is interested to sponsor a short film, contact us directly


Experimental Action Film Making-Ip Man Parody titled MoMent

17 Feb

If you have see Ip Man 2, You will for sure amaze by their production, action coordination.

For the first time, I, planned to make and action film. A  short one ofcourse. Don’t have the budget yet to make a 2 hours length film thats why experimented to make a short one first by replicating a scene in popular wing chun martial film lately. Not being arrogant, full and proud about ourselves but I would really like to acknowledge and salute my team and my self that we can manage to finish an action film in not longer 3 days. FROM SCRATCH.. We got an idea on Wednesday, Confirmed to make it on Thursday, Rehearse not longer than 30 minutes on Friday, buy props and outfits on Saturday and finally shoot on Sunday.

Sunday Morning at 6am, I woke up and got ready. reach location at 7+ and have our breakfast and start shooting. We start off rehearsing the action move and camera angle in about 15 minutes and we started shooting the stuff. The way we work was, played the original video and memorized the first few move and shoot. We played and shoot several of times, infact many times before we can get a good one.

Half way through it rains.. and we have no choice to stop the shoot. During rest, we manage to play back what we have shot and we are more excited to continue on. After the rains stop, we continued to shoot and finally finish the whole project. Only using 6-8 hours to finish from set up to rehersal to the real shoot.

Below are some images of behind the scenes… and No I did Not Film Ip Man, I filmed a titile called Mo Man

Limited man power, doing every thing from cast to make up artist

The DOP is Talking now…