New Workstation and equipments investments for better service

17 Feb

As a film maker/photographer, an essential tools to work is very important. Especially in coping up with clients expectation in speed and quality. Last week AC Creations media spent about RM 10,ooo to get the essential tools to work and play. In other words, my toys and also working buddy. A New Canon 60D for film making and best photography result.. Just a brief description on my camera in case some one reading this happen to be my clients. The new Canon 60D build with latest Canon DSLR processors, shoots photo at 5.3 frame/seconds on 18 Megapixel quality. 60D was launch to replace the 50D that replaces the legendary 40D. With latest movie recording technology, the 60D records full HD videos at 25fps and 60fps. In a nutshell, a Pro range DSLR that shoots Quality pictures and Video.

Another tools which is also the most expensive tool was the latest 15 inch Apple Mac book pro for all the after effects, photo processing and video finishing. With the latest Core i5 Processors and running on 6gb ram and still waiting to be upgrade to 8gb, geared with all the related creative software to deal with photography and film making work, this computer is able to serve me to finish clients works quick, good looking and interesting.

With these 2 essential tools, making corporate videos, short films and production is much easier and better. with the latest 60D corporate videos can be more exciting in terms of imaging and quality with lens depth giving a new breakthrough for corporate video production, tv commercial and film production


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