AC Creations Media Corporate Video Production, Advertising and Media Services

06 Feb

AC Creations was found by 2 passionate Film/Video Makers. AC Creations is young in the market, BUT, the team behind it is not immature at all. The 2 key person in AC Creations which is AC and Lucas has spent 6 and 7 years in the TV Commercial industry as a producer, director and finishing or we called it “Post Production”. This differs us from many other video production base team or company as we are not only capable to make drama or tv programme standards, but also making our visuals as good film commercial that clients spent hundreds of thousands for a 30 seconder to run on tv.

We can handle productions efficiently with more effective cost because in TV Commercial line, every cents count, and client pay so much to make a 30 seconds commercial. Therefore every detail is crafted into perfection. We have spent years in practicing this kind of work culture and now we brought ourselves to a smaller scale to fulfill the lower budget market who are seeking for advertising and promotion and take their business further.

To give an idea of our working scope, we had scale down ourselves in terms of budget and workforce to fit into the market BUT without compromising the quality of our work to maintain it as close as TV Commercial standard. Therefore you wont be surprise that you will see only 3-5 person will work on a production project. WHY? Today’s technology had replaced many man powers. Many traditional production company will bring a whole bunch of crews and huge equipments and quote higher price because the need to fulfill the overhead cost. We can do it within reasonable budget and not compromising the visual quality. Since 2010, we venture into international market offering our production services to Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia, getting compliments from clients on our efficient services, top high quality shots and artistic fresh ideas.


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