Automobile TV Commercial Productions with Lamborghini

22 Aug

AC Creations media recently venture into cars/automobile television commercial production. Producing a TV ad for a newly launch auto engine oil named Engine Up. Founder of AC Creations Media, A.C and Lucas had years of experience in producing TV advertisement for various brands and automobile as well. Since A.C and Lucas founded AC Creations Media, this is considered a first TV commercial produced. It was a great experience as they can work freely with clients giving them a free hands to craft the ideas out from scratch. Only information given was, AC Creations need to work with a Lamborghini Gallardo to bring up the clients new product branding.

At the first stage, we all thought that this would be a great craft as many people don’t even get a chance to get close to a Lamborghini in their lifetime. It was a prestigious work that we all looking forward for.

On the shoot day, we got a race driver to handle the Lamborghini Gallardo to speed in the road of Kuala Kubu Bharu with the assist of policemen stopping the traffic just to allow the lambo to have a full accelerations in-order to capture the shots of the car performing like a beast. Loud, noisy and fast. Eventually, the shoot went really smooth with all the shots we wanted to achieve in the time that we planned.
All Crews of AC Creations Media had a great time shooting the advertisement.

Now, this TVC was complete and onair in local TV stations. We also take the initiative to finish another version of this ad in Bangkok Oriental post just for the Cinema Version. The experience in post production in Bangkok was awesome. Professionals there are really efficient and accurate. They manage to get every thing transfered in within 24 hours. This TVC was converted to Film and will be on air on Golden Screen Cinemas in 1 Utama Shopping Complex and Mid Valley Megamall for 12 weeks. Hope it will catch attentions.

This TVC also went Viral. Below is the Youtube Version. Enjoy the Show.


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