Toyota Prius Launch TV Commercial & Video

04 Apr

AC Creations Media is proud to present you our latest work. During the past festive season just right after the Chinese New Year Celebration, we were appointed to produce a launch video tag on with a TV/Cinema commercial to air it on nationwide cinemas. Besides, we also produce a 3 minuter for their media launch. Toyota have launch its all new Prius -C. The C simply means compact. A smaller version of their hybrid vehicle family.
The production this time, is a great challenge. We have limited time to Prep, Shoot and submit the materials. And also very limited budget for such scale production. After overcoming all the though time for the preparation, comes the shoot day. The sky was not really on our side that day. The shoot suppose to be 2 days, but unfortunately the rain that came and visit us on the first day and second day of shoot, resulting another conti day of shoot due to shortage of footages.
The shoot finally came to the 3rd day. It’s also another heavy down pour day. But its quite lucky that we manage to finish shooting just before it rains. Right after we called CUT!!! for the final scene, the rain came down heavily. Our passion and spirit made us overcome these challenge. The post production was also a long hours work as we have some tedious touch up to do in certain scenes.

But after all this was a great experience for AC Creations and also we manage to keep an international brand as our folio.

For the work and effort we put in for this shoot, kindly look at us behind the scene on the video below


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