New Workstation and equipments investments for better service

17 Feb

As a film maker/photographer, an essential tools to work is very important. Especially in coping up with clients expectation in speed and quality. Last week AC Creations media spent about RM 10,ooo to get the essential tools to work and play. In other words, my toys and also working buddy. A New Canon 60D for film making and best photography result.. Just a brief description on my camera in case some one reading this happen to be my clients. The new Canon 60D build with latest Canon DSLR processors, shoots photo at 5.3 frame/seconds on 18 Megapixel quality. 60D was launch to replace the 50D that replaces the legendary 40D. With latest movie recording technology, the 60D records full HD videos at 25fps and 60fps. In a nutshell, a Pro range DSLR that shoots Quality pictures and Video.

Another tools which is also the most expensive tool was the latest 15 inch Apple Mac book pro for all the after effects, photo processing and video finishing. With the latest Core i5 Processors and running on 6gb ram and still waiting to be upgrade to 8gb, geared with all the related creative software to deal with photography and film making work, this computer is able to serve me to finish clients works quick, good looking and interesting.

With these 2 essential tools, making corporate videos, short films and production is much easier and better. with the latest 60D corporate videos can be more exciting in terms of imaging and quality with lens depth giving a new breakthrough for corporate video production, tv commercial and film production


AC’s Talk About – Gem Island Tour Guide

17 Feb

Intentionally we was going to gem island for a leisure and relaxing trip. Being in the media industry can be very stressful and this island is a place to get away from all stress and enjoy ourselves. Also we are there is because of invitation for star gazing and photography activity. When we arrive there, even before we move from KL to this Island, we have not really heard about this Island. This place is not a great commercialized resorts like Pulau Redang or Perhentian. It is a Small Island but well protected and only small scaled of accommodation available. \

When we arrive here, we thought that this place is really great, especially the sky at night. Its the best stary night sky I’ve ever seen in my life. It is impossible to see so much stars in the town I live in. Therefor, We made this video to introduce this whole island. The Island is opposite Pulau Kapas, only can accommodate about 90-100 people  only. A very well kept beach and island. People who love nature, sand, beach and water, should come here and relax.

This tourism like video idea just struck us as we felt that good things are meant to be shared. As not many know about this place. We use a video steady cam to mount a Canon 550D and start shooting. All footages are all shot in full HD quality and the entire visual quality is really awesome. Besides, we also capture some photograph to incorporate into the video. The Star timelapse you see in the video is made out of 500 over SLR images

Below is the introduction video to this entire island.


Gem Island Astronomy & Star Photography

17 Feb

Gem Island located at Terangganu Malaysia is a best place to relax and get away from stress. Recently I spent 3 days and 2 night there to take a break for a moment from work. Though it is suppose to be a break from work trip, but I didn’t leave work completely, I still carry my camera together with me. And when the sun goes down, this place really surprise me very much with the stars during the night sky. I manage to capture star images and also the milky way. Below Is a time lapse video taken. This video took us 3 hours to shoot, every shot 30 seconds exposure at 3600ISO with a 18mm efs lens. After taking about 500 shots, I open all the image with Quick time player, “Open Image sequence” and you will get a complete time lapse video like below


Celebrating The Success Of The Short Film “MoMent” Ip Man 2 parody

17 Feb

A short film that we recently did get great response from social networkers. Great sharring on facebook and also youtube making our film and the character, master Mo Ment an iconic name for people who have watched it. This film can reach out to so many people and get their appreciation is not because of a single person’s work. Its a team work which is extremely precious. Without them, this film would not reach out so fast. The power of networking has impressed our sponsors and they are really really happy with the performance of this short film as they started business not long ago but today, after this film it out, IT WAS RECOGNIZED in MALAYSIAJOKES.COM. We are really proud of that as our experimental is proven to be shared by many and for the sponsor’s side, they also belief that new concept of branding works. Therefor they also encourage more corporate to do such concept as it is in high entertainment value and Social Networkers will share it for the sake of entertaining their friends and family. AC Creations being the first in our country doing such idea which combining drama and branding + social networking . We will continue to produce more entertaining films and we also hope through of social networking we will get more sponsors to make film and get branding for them self. AC Creations is looking forward in making Long Format/Feature Length Film and get it to the Cinema if we have come to a stage of great financial sponsors and also experience in film making. We hope that more corporate bodies would be willing to sponsor and support local made movies and improve this industry and in the same time build their brands making a win win situation. Below is a small celebration after the success of Our very Own Ip Man 2 Parody – MoMent


The Released of Final Ip Man 2 Parody Film Is out (Mo Ment)

17 Feb

after weeks of promoting the trailer. We released the full 3 mins length film. This particular film is an experimental film making. We are lucky that we got sponsors to support such works. To our point of view and even our recent sponsor, I Skin Solution, mention that more corporate should not look down on web networking. Besides just paying for advertisements to create brand awareness, They should also do some thing that could benefit people. For example entertaining people. This concept of Short Film + Branding creates more awareness as people are more interested to watched it because they are entertaining. Just like “Mo Ment 2? we give it a twist towards the end and make it hilarious that any one who watch this video will remember the brand I Skin Solution. Film making industry can be categorized in many, TV Advertisement, Drama, Long Format Film, ect. Branding in film making is called TV commercials.  One of the most costly branding way and people may switch to another channel when advertisement comes. Thats a Fact. Less expensive and higher exposure branding is through Internet media. Plus having entertainment value, people will sure watch. With today’s technology. Web branding must not be place in the back seat. Making fun and entertaining films can draw alot of public interest.
And AC Creations will further venture into more experimental and entertainment Short films and looking forward for more sponsors to sponsor us and get a branding for them selves or their corporate brands. Any one is interested to sponsor a short film, contact us directly


Experimental Action Film Making-Ip Man Parody titled MoMent

17 Feb

If you have see Ip Man 2, You will for sure amaze by their production, action coordination.

For the first time, I, planned to make and action film. A  short one ofcourse. Don’t have the budget yet to make a 2 hours length film thats why experimented to make a short one first by replicating a scene in popular wing chun martial film lately. Not being arrogant, full and proud about ourselves but I would really like to acknowledge and salute my team and my self that we can manage to finish an action film in not longer 3 days. FROM SCRATCH.. We got an idea on Wednesday, Confirmed to make it on Thursday, Rehearse not longer than 30 minutes on Friday, buy props and outfits on Saturday and finally shoot on Sunday.

Sunday Morning at 6am, I woke up and got ready. reach location at 7+ and have our breakfast and start shooting. We start off rehearsing the action move and camera angle in about 15 minutes and we started shooting the stuff. The way we work was, played the original video and memorized the first few move and shoot. We played and shoot several of times, infact many times before we can get a good one.

Half way through it rains.. and we have no choice to stop the shoot. During rest, we manage to play back what we have shot and we are more excited to continue on. After the rains stop, we continued to shoot and finally finish the whole project. Only using 6-8 hours to finish from set up to rehersal to the real shoot.

Below are some images of behind the scenes… and No I did Not Film Ip Man, I filmed a titile called Mo Man

Limited man power, doing every thing from cast to make up artist

The DOP is Talking now…


A Print Version Visual Communications Advertising

17 Feb

Recently besides doing video and film work for I Skin Solutions, I also experimented a new knowledge. Photo Retouching. After a run through on texturing and mapping in photoshop, I got an idea to create some thing out of the experiment I explore. After I did my first mapping and texturing, the photo itself gave me an inspiration about having dry and bad skin texture. Though it wont happen in real life. But we often hear people saying Dry skins, bad texture.
For land dryness, It cracks. For face, i will too but not as visible as earth. But when some thing unrealistic is applied to the real life thing, It sents out cool message too. Take a look at my Photo Retouching in associate with Visual communications technique

A piece of work done to promote I skin Solution


Viral Video Advertisement work For I Skin Solution

06 Feb

Since the opening of a beauty saloon I skin Solution, they tried multiple advertising methods. One of them are web video viral. AC Creations Media, a specialist in videoand film  productions made a short commercial for them

Working with very limited resources but delivering superior quality concept and ideas. Simple, clean and direct. Delivering the message of hair removal using human and birds as a comparison in which means. Birds are proud of their feathers. They use it to attract the opposite sex but this doesn’t apply to human where female with underarms, leg or hand’s hair will disgust male off.

The concept provider was the marketing manager of I Skin Solution and a Producer/Art Director for this TVC, Edited and co-direct by AC

The cinematography work as link below


AC Creations Media Corporate Video Production, Advertising and Media Services

06 Feb

AC Creations was found by 2 passionate Film/Video Makers. AC Creations is young in the market, BUT, the team behind it is not immature at all. The 2 key person in AC Creations which is AC and Lucas has spent 6 and 7 years in the TV Commercial industry as a producer, director and finishing or we called it “Post Production”. This differs us from many other video production base team or company as we are not only capable to make drama or tv programme standards, but also making our visuals as good film commercial that clients spent hundreds of thousands for a 30 seconder to run on tv.

We can handle productions efficiently with more effective cost because in TV Commercial line, every cents count, and client pay so much to make a 30 seconds commercial. Therefore every detail is crafted into perfection. We have spent years in practicing this kind of work culture and now we brought ourselves to a smaller scale to fulfill the lower budget market who are seeking for advertising and promotion and take their business further.

To give an idea of our working scope, we had scale down ourselves in terms of budget and workforce to fit into the market BUT without compromising the quality of our work to maintain it as close as TV Commercial standard. Therefore you wont be surprise that you will see only 3-5 person will work on a production project. WHY? Today’s technology had replaced many man powers. Many traditional production company will bring a whole bunch of crews and huge equipments and quote higher price because the need to fulfill the overhead cost. We can do it within reasonable budget and not compromising the visual quality. Since 2010, we venture into international market offering our production services to Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia, getting compliments from clients on our efficient services, top high quality shots and artistic fresh ideas.