Another Episode of AC’s Talk About done with world renown photographer Jeffry Lim

17 Feb

I was really excited when I get to know that my future father in-law is going to a best friend’s Photography exhibition. I heard of Jeffry Lim many times and I met him once at my future sister’s Inlaw’s wedding where he was the photographer for her at that time. Around 6pm we arrive BSC and saw this huge lobby covered with partition with Jeffry’s name on the partition, and we then start admiring his work. After a while he appeared and approach us. We started the conversation and before we left I did ask a favor to interview him and he agreed. I was really really excited and come back with my creative team the next day.

I was just thinking about doing a normal interview with him but it ends out being so much things to talk about as his words, pictures, work and life experience really inspired me in pursuing my dreams. Jeff was a humble and simple guy. Love to help others and love to bring joy to people he meet. His exhibition was really successful that many turn out to see his work and we were very lucky too as we manage to get a chance to listen to his presentation on every piece of his work in the exhibition hall. We document that all down in our videos.

The full version video is still in post production process and I’ll get it upload as soon as I could rush the video out. The interview session was very long as Jeff has too much inspiring words to tell audience…Stay Tune guys..

Below is some pics that we would love to share and a video preview


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