A Festive Short Movie Produce

18 Jan

It has been a while since we last shot a “movie”, Some story telling video/film. Since AC Creations was on the track catching with many big brands TV and Cinema Commercial and Corporation corporate videos, we had lesser and lesser time to produce a story driven film that can be use as a “viral” on the internet. Thanks to Edsyn Malaysia, the company behind that holds the young lubricant brand “Engine Up”, giving us an opportunity to make advertising in a much different way.Just like how¬† The legendary Yasmin Ahmad use to do, Making festive commercials more memorable in delivering more human driven content. Unlike some other corporations in the similar line, Edsyn puts effort in doing business in a different way. Therefor, the way they approaches media is also very unique and special.
This short film that we recently produce and directed is about Chinese New Year. 3 sisters that have never forget their culture as chinese although they seems like an urban living people that dies for their job and not looking at any thing else at the establishing scenes of them. It also portray a hidden story about how people in the modern era take every things for granted. They take parents, love ones, friends and many things around them for granted. For at the end of the story, its just a simple message pass to the audience about “treasure and Cherish” things and people around you before its too late.
It took us less than 24 hours to shoot and less than 2 days to edit, color grade, final finish and upload. It was a tough production challenge but we make it through. Thanks to AC Creations Creative and Behind the scene team.


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