Celebrating The Success Of The Short Film “MoMent” Ip Man 2 parody

17 Feb

A short film that we recently did get great response from social networkers. Great sharring on facebook and also youtube making our film and the character, master Mo Ment an iconic name for people who have watched it. This film can reach out to so many people and get their appreciation is not because of a single person’s work. Its a team work which is extremely precious. Without them, this film would not reach out so fast. The power of networking has impressed our sponsors and they are really really happy with the performance of this short film as they started business not long ago but today, after this film it out, IT WAS RECOGNIZED in MALAYSIAJOKES.COM. We are really proud of that as our experimental is proven to be shared by many and for the sponsor’s side, they also belief that new concept of branding works. Therefor they also encourage more corporate to do such concept as it is in high entertainment value and Social Networkers will share it for the sake of entertaining their friends and family. AC Creations being the first in our country doing such idea which combining drama and branding + social networking . We will continue to produce more entertaining films and we also hope through of social networking we will get more sponsors to make film and get branding for them self. AC Creations is looking forward in making Long Format/Feature Length Film and get it to the Cinema if we have come to a stage of great financial sponsors and also experience in film making. We hope that more corporate bodies would be willing to sponsor and support local made movies and improve this industry and in the same time build their brands making a win win situation. Below is a small celebration after the success of Our very Own Ip Man 2 Parody – MoMent


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