Experimental Action Film Making-Ip Man Parody titled MoMent

17 Feb

If you have see Ip Man 2, You will for sure amaze by their production, action coordination.

For the first time, I, planned to make and action film. A  short one ofcourse. Don’t have the budget yet to make a 2 hours length film thats why experimented to make a short one first by replicating a scene in popular wing chun martial film lately. Not being arrogant, full and proud about ourselves but I would really like to acknowledge and salute my team and my self that we can manage to finish an action film in not longer 3 days. FROM SCRATCH.. We got an idea on Wednesday, Confirmed to make it on Thursday, Rehearse not longer than 30 minutes on Friday, buy props and outfits on Saturday and finally shoot on Sunday.

Sunday Morning at 6am, I woke up and got ready. reach location at 7+ and have our breakfast and start shooting. We start off rehearsing the action move and camera angle in about 15 minutes and we started shooting the stuff. The way we work was, played the original video and memorized the first few move and shoot. We played and shoot several of times, infact many times before we can get a good one.

Half way through it rains.. and we have no choice to stop the shoot. During rest, we manage to play back what we have shot and we are more excited to continue on. After the rains stop, we continued to shoot and finally finish the whole project. Only using 6-8 hours to finish from set up to rehersal to the real shoot.

Below are some images of behind the scenes… and No I did Not Film Ip Man, I filmed a titile called Mo Man

Limited man power, doing every thing from cast to make up artist

The DOP is Talking now…


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