Leaping A Step Ahead to try on Music Video Production

17 Feb

The idea of making music productions materials came when we all thought that there is a market out there for viewers. Viewers tend to watch music materials and share them very much often on social network sites i.e Facebook, myspace ect. We are lucky enough to have a singer/songwriter with us. So we venture into artist development and start to brand this artist that we have. Tommy T.Y. Chan. He is a singer, songwriter, music teacher and a guitarist. Instead of having his songs written and store it into a hard drive, we just thought of why not share the talent to the world.

Coincidence that he had wrote a Christmas song quite some time ago. And 2010 Christmas is just around the corner. So we made the decision to brand that particular song with a music video. As we all know, Music Video is a strong marketing tools for singer/musician. So we make sure we make it good.

We only use 2 days to shoot this Video. But it was a quality 2 days. With proper planning and creative thoughts on the shots arrangements and mood of the entire video. We pay close attention to details to make sure the mood and tone of the video matches the lyrics and rhythm. On Friday Night 18/12/2010, it was raining heavily and we only manage to start shooting at 11pm and we finally finish shooting at 2am, just for the few outdoor night lonely scene.

The Final video was completed today after 2 days of post production that involve editing pace, color grading and some minor visual effects (VFX). In the same time as we launch this video and song, we also made up a website for Tommy as an Artist Branding and his song could be downloaded at our web link at

Enjoy the Music TV, and AC Creations Wishing every one Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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