The Released of Final Ip Man 2 Parody Film Is out (Mo Ment)

17 Feb

after weeks of promoting the trailer. We released the full 3 mins length film. This particular film is an experimental film making. We are lucky that we got sponsors to support such works. To our point of view and even our recent sponsor, I Skin Solution, mention that more corporate should not look down on web networking. Besides just paying for advertisements to create brand awareness, They should also do some thing that could benefit people. For example entertaining people. This concept of Short Film + Branding creates more awareness as people are more interested to watched it because they are entertaining. Just like “Mo Ment 2? we give it a twist towards the end and make it hilarious that any one who watch this video will remember the brand I Skin Solution. Film making industry can be categorized in many, TV Advertisement, Drama, Long Format Film, ect. Branding in film making is called TV commercials.  One of the most costly branding way and people may switch to another channel when advertisement comes. Thats a Fact. Less expensive and higher exposure branding is through Internet media. Plus having entertainment value, people will sure watch. With today’s technology. Web branding must not be place in the back seat. Making fun and entertaining films can draw alot of public interest.
And AC Creations will further venture into more experimental and entertainment Short films and looking forward for more sponsors to sponsor us and get a branding for them selves or their corporate brands. Any one is interested to sponsor a short film, contact us directly


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