Executive Creative Director/Film Director
Lucas Ang first started as a Production Assistant and slowly built his reputation as one of the most renowned Senior Producers in the TV Commercial production industry today.

He has worked with various directors on big-budget TV commercials where clients include Hotlink, Maxis, KFC, F&N, Toyota, Honda, Nestle, Dettol, UMW and many more. His technical knowledge was his biggest advantage in making many things happen in this 21st century where many things are all about technology, computing ect.

He spent many years in production and and also pick up not only production skills but also art direction of each and every production and making him an Executive Creative Director in AC Creations Media. 

A man of ideas, creative juice is something Lucas never seems to run out of. He lives and breathes ideas, and we dare to say he’s the Malaysian George Lucas in the industry.

Lucas Executive creative director